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Anywhere you go in the world, you need to connect with internet. You cannot stay away from it. You have to use internet always. There are various reasons you may have and you are bound to use internet. Now many young people like to use internet for using Facebook and other social networking sites. Dependency on internet has been increasing and there is no way without using internet now a day. Wi-Fi gives the best facilities to the users to connect with internet through Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi has increased the internet users but decreased the price of internet rate. By the one internet connection, you can use internet in multiple devices at the same time. Now in many devices, you will get Wi-Fi feature.
You should buy a router for enabling the Wi-Fi feature. You can make your home Wi-Fi zone. You must read the review about the router model what you want to buy and then buy it. Make sure that the device is from the popular brands. After buying the router, you should unpack the box and bring out all of the things from the box. In the box, you will get some papers and manual which you need to read and those papers you will some data for the upcoming steps.
After reading all of the papers and manual, you have to connect Ethernet cable with the router and computer for making connection. Now connect the power adapter with the router and turn on the router. If the LED lights are blinking, then the device has got power. Now proceed for the next step and this is why, you should run the computer and use a browser. It is better if you choose an updated browser. Here you have to use default IP address, default username and default password for log in to the router control.
Log in to the router control is very important thing and you need to log in to the router control panel for many purposes. This is why, you need to use all above default data and hope you have already collected those things. Until, you log in to the router, you cannot use Wi-Fi. However, you need a browser for accessing the router control. Some routers come with application which works alternative of the browser. However, if you use the browser, then type the default IP address on the address bar and press the enter button. If everything is ok, then you need to use default username and default password on the log in screen of the router control. By the pressing for the next time, the user will log in to the device.
You have to setup internet and enable Wi-Fi. This is why, you need to login to the device with the default things what we have done before. In many routers, you will get wizard tool what you have to use to save time. It is always recommended all of the users to use Wizard tool. Because it is safe for new users. It will ask users to put information step by step and save when task is done.
All networking experts suggest users to use Wizard tool for taking quick action. Another main part of the router setting is Security for the Wi-Fi. There are many options available for Wi-Fi security. You should enable all of those options for maintaining the Wi-Fi. You should enable Wi-Fi encrypted system feature which keep your Wi-Fi secure. Enable MAC filtering option. This feature will help users to manage all those devices which are connected with the Wi-Fi. You build a hard password with 11 digits long at least. The password should be made of numbers, letters and symbols. Password generator is a nice tool for building password.
Some users think about the router security most and this is why, they want to want to change the default IP address but it is not necessary to do. It is better if you keep the default IP address same as it is. The default IP address has many uses without login to the device. You can change the username and password what are default for the router. Experts suggest users not to change the default IP address but the user can change all of the default things.
The default IP address can be changed when the IP address confliction error occurs. The IP address confliction problem is common problem about IP address problem. When the same IP address runs in many or more than one devices then the IP address confliction problem occurs. You cannot use same IP address in double devices. When you change the IP address, then you have to form IP address correctly. IP address confliction problem will be solved when you change the IP address from those router control panel.
When you want to remove default IP address, then you have to put another IP address. You have to know how to form an IP address. There are some rules you have to follow when you want to change the IP address This IP address is from Class C and when you set up an IP address, then you have to choose an IP address from similar class. All of the router have IP addresses built-in and those IP addresses are followed by IP address range. You need to choose any IP address from that range. The IP address range starts from to
You know how to form an IP address but now I will describe what are those things make the IP address fake or false. In an IP address, you cannot use anything else in the IP address except numbers and dots. The IP address cannot be formed with letter, word, symbol or sign. Even if you put any space in the IP address, then IP address will be false. You cannot use this false IP address for any reason. You need to use the correct IP address for multiple purposes. You need to check the connection between router and computer.
You know that the default IP address has multiple uses and users will prefer to solve the problem by himself. This is why, the users need to know the IP address which is set in the router. If the user does not know the default IP address, then user should use “ipconfig” command to know the correct IP address. You need the correct IP address. Because the ping command does not work properly if you use false IP address. You can use any ping command “ping” or “ping -t”. I suggest users to use continuous ping command “ping 192.1638.0.1 -t”.
I am sure the user has learned everything properly and the user knows how to setup the device and setup all settings. Another important thing, you need to learn and this is reset the router. When you push the reset button of the router, then your all setting from the router will be removed auto. Now you have to all default information for login to the device again.